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Please review the information below as it may answer your questions. Feel free to contact us with any other questions!

When will I get my images?

We have a faster turnaround time than most apparel and product photography studios.

Please note your project may not start exactly on the date but it will be completed and delivered within the standard turnaround.


On-Model - Lifestyle - Editorials:

  • 1-3 Business Days from your scheduled start date.

Table Flats - Pin Flats - Invisible Mannequin

  • Projects less than 100 images: 5-7 Business Days from your scheduled start date.

  • Projects 100 images and up: 10-12 Business Days from your scheduled start date.

Cancelling Projects

We understand that sometime plans fall through.

If you need to cancel a scheduled shoot altogether, this can be done. Clients will have deposit refunded as long as Damion Lloyd Studio is notified no later than a  week before start date. If you cancel within a week to your start date, your deposit is not refunded.

For Editorial & On-Model Shoots:

Our studio and our outside talent MUAH and on-set stylists, etc... tend to book out weeks in advance, so a 5 business day cancellation notice is what is required for a cancellation with no fee. You can cancel right up to the day of shoot with a 50% payment fee of your total project amount (known as a strike/kill fee).

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Your project start date cannot be confirmed until a 50% deposit is received. Other clients may book your date if they make a deposit first. Schedules can fill up fast here, so please know that your deposit is the only way your date can be held firm.

Are there any hidden or
add-on fees?

No: Our rates are comprehensive (no hidden or additional costs) and include steaming, ironing, and all product prep, lighting, styling, photography & retouching.

However, you can also book the following add-on services:

  • On-Model In-studio Walk In/Out Video: $500 (half day for 20 or less SKU) // $1000 (full day for 40 or less SKU)

  • On-Model In-studio Dynamic/Hand-held Video: $1000 (half day) // $1500 (full day)

  • Editorial Video Clips: 5-15 sec. clips & creative video footage of during editorial shoot $250 (half day, at least 4 clips) // $500 (full day, at least 8 clips)

  • Prep Stylist (On-Model, Lifestyle, Editorial Shoots): $100 (half day), $200 (full day)

Do you book models?

No: Most brands have a certain demographic, look or branding that they are trying to achieve, and you will know what that looks like better than we will. We can provide a list of agencies that have booked with us before.

When we finalize date and times, you can contact them with the model specs/demographics you’re looking for. They will provide you with a portfolio of models to choose from. Once you pick your models, we’ll send them a call sheet with all their instructions.

Models typically go for half or full days and have hourly rates that can range from $200 - $500 (or more) an hour. You can talk to the agency about your budget, or about what you are willing to pay per hour.

What size apparel should I send?

It is extremely important to send the correct sized clothing. The following sizes style out the best so please send these sizes whenever possible.

Women: Small
Men: Small or Medium

Can I be on set while you are shooting my project?

Yes and No

Clients are welcome to be on-set for editorial, on-model, and lifestyle shoots. We encourage and prefer clients to be on-set for these projects. However, we understand that is not always possible with logistics, geography, etc. so if you cannot, or do not want to attend the day’s shoot, we will use our decades of experience to create the best look for you.

Clients are not allowed on set for table flats, pin flats, invisible mannequin or e-comm product shoots. We have trade secrets we employ and it would not be much fun for you or our team as this work is slow and methodical.

Shipping: How do I get my product to you and back from you?

PRODUCT ARRIVAL DATES: All apparel and or product needs to arrive to our studio 2 Business Days prior to your scheduled start date. If it does not arrive within 24 hours your start date your project may get delayed or rescheduled.

*We do not notify clients when packages arrives, we will only reach out regarding your package if it has not arrived on the scheduled date.

PICK UP/DROP OFFS: Our pick up/drop off (including Uber/Lyft) hours are 9AM – 5PM.

If Client has provided a return label, all apparel/product will be put in the mail to be returned to the client within 5 business days of the delivery of the final assets and receipt of the full payment. The client is responsible for return shipping labels and costs. If a return label was not provided, nor a pick up was scheduled, within 5 business days of final asset delivery, we will donate your items to a charity of our choice.

We accept delivery of your items via FedEx, UPS, USPS, any carrier, Uber, Lyft, or in-person drop-off. *We do not notify clients when packages arrives, we will only reach out regarding your package if it has not arrived on the scheduled date.

Can you rush a project?

We are happy to accommodate a quicker turnaround time when needed, but rush projects do require that we stop/delay what we are currently shooting and often create a new set in order to accommodate a rush project, therefore we apply a rush fee.


  • 50% Rush Fee if needed in 3-5 Business Days

  • 100% Rush Fee if needed within 48 hours of start date

Do you have a project minimum?

We have a $800.00 minimum on all new clients, and $500 minimum for all returning clients as each shoot requires its own set be created, along with unique lighting and styling specific to each project therefore we do require a project minimum for each set, ie: Mannequin, Table Flats, etc.

What’s included in my rate?

Our rates are comprehensive and involve no hidden or added fees. Your rate includes steaming, ironing, all product prep, lighting, styling, photography, studio space, & initial post-production and retouching based on instructions given before shoot.

Your rate also includes the following:

  • One image ratio (1:1, 4:5, 3:4, etc.)

  • One background color (white or any HEX)

  • TIFF files, and a choice of JPEG or PNG files

  • One set of image dimensions (1,600 x 2,000, etc)

Do you charge a usage fee?

Your rate includes full usage and rights to your images without a usage fee. This usage includes but is not limited to print, publications, website, social media, email, advertising, and marketing. The only exception to this policy is if you want us to shoot blank apparel, where designs and logos will be added later. Contact us for information.

Can I specify how I want my project to look?

Yes, each brand has a unique style and we want to help you create customized images of your products. When shipping your items to us, please include in your box or email any details or specifications that you want the team to keep in mind when styling and shooting your project. Write out any notes you want us to know, reference photos, links to sites, and line sheets are also especially helpful, please include these in the box if you have them or email them to


We are happy to accommodate most preferences if they are given prior to shoot date. If notes are not included the team will use best discretion as to the styling and lighting of garments and products.

Do I get revisions on my images?

The Client is responsible for supplying our studio with written-out Style Notes and reference images – which we work from when creating your final images. If an error is made on our part, we will fix it and make it right at no extra charge. However, if a note or preference was not made, and change is needed, a reshoot or post-production fee will be charged.

*If any further revisions or edits are wanted outside of what was agreed upon when booking, we charge a $10/image fee or $200/hr. editing fee depending on what changes are needed.

Can you color match to images I already have?

Yes, for example: If you are shooting e-comm flats, pins, mannequin, with us and want them to match an on-model shoot you did with another studio we are happy to do this for you so long as on model images are given prior to the start of your flats shoot. If you want us to match after the the project is completed there is a $10 per image fee applied.

*COVID-19 Information*

Our studio team has been together throughout the whole pandemic, so we do not all wear masks. We do not require or discuss vaccination status as we believe that is a personal decision. If you want to wear a mask, please feel free, but just know some or all of our team will not be wearing them. Please do not come to the shoot if you are sick.



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